We’re all about fun and inclusion at B.A. Academy, however our coaches and teachers are always looking to improve the ability of our young students. We find that over time, the children become motivated to test their limits and push beyond them. Last year we set up our ‘Elite Academy’ in Gymnastics and Musical Theatre where children who showed exceptional performance in our extra curricular classes, were invited to our elite academy to take their skills to the next level. We are looking to set up Elite Academy’s for more of our courses.


Trying something new expands your Childs mind and invites them to see beyond the familiar. Opening them up to a diversity of interests and experiences allows them to decide for themselves what resonates and what feels right. B.A. Academy started off just offering sports, and now we’re so proud of the fact that we now offer a wider variety of courses as it gives children a wider range of things to try, such as musical theatre, dance and languages. At the schools where we do offer multiple clubs, it is great to see children trying their hand at more than one club, and being equally enthusiastic about each course.


We have seen so many children really find and define themselves at our clubs. Freely expressing themselves in our clubs empowers them to own who they are, and really build their self esteem. A lot of the children on our courses might be doing an extra curricular club for the first time. Our staff are not only fully trained and safeguarded, but we really make sure we recruit inspiring staff with lots of energy as this is so inspiring and infectious on the children.


The interaction with the other children in our classes promotes positive behaviour a sense of team work, and really being part of something. At B.A. Academy, we want to create a sense of belonging in our classes. We want children to be able to express themselves in our classes without being judges. Unsurprisingly a lot of friendships have been formed at B.A. Academy.


Our creative classes such as Musical Theatre and Drama, require focus. They also massively assist with developing and strengthening their motor and language skill, which serve to boost their performance in school. Our other activities such as Gymnastics and Football, focus more on team work and discipline.

Improved Academia

One of our coaches and teachers main purposes are to make every single child leave every session feeling good about themselves. When children feel good about themselves, their approach towards everything changes. The new found positive attitude encourages them to apply themselves better in every field, including in the classroom.

Future progression

At B.A. Academy, we know that the skills and habits a child learns during their school years will help to shape the kind of future they will lead as a young adult. The majority of the children who attend our classes go on really develop a passion for it. This interest and passion will indirectly help your child in their future progression in whatever it is they go on to do.

Free time for parents

Not only are our extra curricular clubs filled with so many positive benefits for your children, they also give parents a chance to work for longer, or get some other bits done before its time to come and collect your child. If demand is popular, we will have the option of an extra hour at our clubs which would take collection time to past 5 o clock as we know some of you guys may need to work later. The final hour is also offered at a discounted rate.

8 Benefits of B.A. Academy's courses