We are relaunching our birthday party entertainment service for ages 4-12. We can provide a wide range of themes and activities for your children's birthday parties to

Musical Theatre

With the Musical Theatre package, your child will be able to pick the theme of the party, ranging from any musical theatre performances such as Disney, The Greatest Show Man, Frozen, Cinderella. The children will learn the routines from their chosen performance, they will also be able to play games in relation to the Musical Theatre.


With Multisport the birthday child will be able to either pick one sport they would like to play or play multiple. This gives the children the option to pick their favourite sport. The children will then be able to do small games to help learn new skills and tricks, then they will play a competitive game to finish the party. Some of the sports on offer include Dodgeball, Hockey, Volleyball, Baseball.


This package will include new skills and tricks that will be able to show each child’s individual talents. The children will be able to play mini-games among their friends and then play in tournaments with prizes.


The Dance package will allow your child to pick their own style or routine from popular artists such as Ariana Grande or popular music videos. If your child is unsure on what they would like to perform the coach can choose a popular one.

make their day extra special. We require a minimum of 2 weeks booking notice and our fees are based on 12 kids (excluding

birthday child) an extra fee will be charged if your party exceeds 12. Each child will receive a certificate and a gift and the birthday child will get a special exclusive gift.  


£120 - 1 hour

£150 - 2 hour


£20 extra for more than 12 kids.

Contact Addresses:


45 Church Road



Corporation St, Manchester M4 4AH

Contact Names and Numbers

Brighton: Alexander Cowie 

M:07805 771053


Manchester: Bem Asare

M:07557 262695