We feel that there is no better way to enjoy the week than providing the opportunity for your pupils to exercise and have a boogie with their friends.

​Our sessions start with a full general body warm-up then moving on to practising fun dance techniques and routines. As we are all aware, movement and exercise are great for the mind and soul and by getting their blood pumping in our sessions children will feel confident and ready to take on the rest of the week.

​We encourage all the children to participate, enjoy themselves and succeed. We are aware that all pupils are different both in terms of temperament and talent. Ultimately, we look to develop communication and collaboration skills as well as children’s dance ability.



The club involves the children having lots of fun whilst receiving professional coaching through skill development. 

It is a great way for children to get fit while being able to express themselves using the form of dance.


New and upcoming, cheerleading sessions are a great way for children to gain valuable experience in teamwork and coordination. As well as encouraging leadership skills and a positive mindset.  


The sessions aim to introduce children to the basics of ballet, from plies to saute's. 

Ballet will also help children with flexibility, posture, improve energy and cognitive development.