Our Musical Theatre sessions are great for those who simply want to perform! It should be understood that musical theatre isn’t “just” about fun, it also has very real, and measurable, educational benefits. Time and time again, we see that students who participate in art have better results in their other classes as well! Pupils will spend their session acting, singing and dancing. Children’s confidence and ability to express themselves in front of others will surge as we provide them with the opportunity to interact and form a bond with other students with whom they might not usually spend quality time with on the average school day.


Each session begins with both a physical and vocal warm-up in order to prepare the children for all the fun that lay ahead. An enjoyable vocal warm-up might be anything from tongue twisters all the way to making random, silly sounds. We want to actively discourage both apprehensiveness and shyness when it comes to using our voices and being heard! Over the course of the entire term, we aim to develop a broader range of skills and apply them to short scenes where the child can feel a sense of achievement. We strive to enhance children’s creativity and aim to develop their love of musical theatre.