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Managing Director


Founder and director of B.A Academy, passionate about improving the next generations education.

Bem has been managing the company for over 6 years and is excited to expand to more schools and bring more opportunities to young people.

Bem Asare
Amelia Suter

Admin and Operations Manager


Amelia is 23 years old and has been working for B.A. Academy since February 2021. She has been involved in extra-curricular activities all her life and now spends most of her free time climbing, skateboarding and playing netball. Amelia is excited to play a part in providing children with exciting activities that will hopefully have them hooked for life like she is.  

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Business Development Associate & Head Coach


Martyn is a qualified Level 2 football coach and he intends to complete his UEFA B course when the opportunity comes around. Martyn already has some coaching experience under his belt, managing a number of different teams ranging between 8-16. Martyn also used to play football for Brighton Academy from the age of 9 to 16 where he then went on to sign his first professional contract at Barnet Fc aged 16. 

Martyn Box


Lorenzo Baena

Spanish Tutor


Recently, he has finished a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. He has experience working in different positions at the hospitality sector in UK and with an engineering background in Spain.

Freya Hext - Headshot.jpeg

Gymnastics Coach


Freya is one of B.A. Academy's up and coming coaches! At only 17, she works as an Assistant Gymnastics Coach whilst studying for her A levels at BHASVIC College.

Freya Hext
Max F - B7EFDFC4-E0B1-4F43-9680-5EA379142FC4.jpeg

Sports Coach


Max is a qualified trainer based in Brighton & Hove with extensive experience teaching all ages a variety of movement styles across the community. He is energetic, patient, and loves inspiring others to move their bodies, improve their overall health and aims to make it fun and exciting at the same time. Max is passionate about gymnastics as it offers skills that you can carry out into your day-to-day life, helping to improve mobility, coordination, determination and increased strength. 

Max Feilden
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Ballet Teacher


Maria began training at the Beacon Arts. She has competed in many Contemporary dance youth groups including Penny and Jules youth. After college she went on to further her training at NSCD in Leeds before completing her Degree in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Maria bases her classes on the fundamentals of Ballet and Contemporary whilst giving the space for her students to be expressive and explorative. 

Maria Kypreos

Musical Theatre Teacher


Amber is a passionate Singer-Songwriter with over 8 years of music industry experience. Whilst training at prestigious schools such as The Royal Academy of Music Amber gained a passion for both performing and teaching. She has received acclaim for her songwriting and performed at esteemed venues such as the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. She is rooted in a background of dance and musical theatre and hopes to inspire students to find joy & expression through song and dance.

Amber Burgoyne

Sports Coach


Izy is currently studying at Sussex University whilst working at B.A. Academy. Izy's favourite sport is without a doubt tennis. She represents the 1st team at her university in BUCS Tennis competition and is a level 1 qualified coach.

Izy Winter

Sports Coach


Michael is currently studying at the University of Sussex and has previously coached tennis at holiday camps in his local clubs (Radlett Lawn Tennis & Squash Club in Hertfordshire, Halton Tennis Centre in Buckinghamshire) for about 2-3 years now and is a LTA level 2 qualified coach. At the camps he also taught other sports such as football and basketball and has integrated skills from other sports into tennis games (e.g. tennis cricket/baseball). 

Michael Broner
Rika Clausen - Headshot.jpg

Sports Coach


 Whilst studying at college and raising her 3 children, Rika also delivers a range of performance based sports with B.A. Academy. Currently Rika delivers gymanstics but she has previiusoly pioneered B.A. Academy's first ever Cheerleading club!

Rika Clausen
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Sports Coach


Sonny has been coaching football at the weekends every Saturday for the last year. He is now taking on mid week sessions with B.A. Academy as he continues to develop his coaching skills.

Sonny Carey
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Sports Coach


Clary has been a Sports Leader at Blatchington Mill Secondary School which has included roles including; organising the Brighton and Hove Primary Schools cross country, working as a demonstrator at BACA multisport days and assisting in afterschool clubs for younger age groups in football, hockey, netball and cross country. Outside of school Clary has been a regular volunteer at Parkrun performing many roles including result adjudicating, bar code scanning and timing functions as well as working for ‘Street Funk’ as a co teacher for primary aged street dancers. Clary has a personal passion for sport including regular tennis training and participation in 10k road races.

Clary Drew
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Sports Coach


Lucien currently studies sport and exercise science at BHASVIC sixth form college. Within this course, he has been assessed on his coaching, and has delivered sessions on a variety of sports to his peers. Currently, Lucien coaches tennis and multisport with BA on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Lucian Deaud
Lucy Dasc Disney Headshot 2 (1).JPG

Musical Theatre Coach

Lucy is an passionate and skilled vocal coach who teaches students of all ages and abilities in schools and freelance. After studying Theatre at University of Surrey and achieving her Associate Diploma in Musical Theatre Singing with LCM, Lucy worked in theatres whilst appearing in community operas, off west end productions and singing with bands (blues and pop/rock). Lucy specializes in building confidence and skill, in fun and engaging sessions.

Lucy Dascalopoulos
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Musical Theatre Teacher


Charlotte is a performing arts 2021 graduate with a passion for musical theatre. When Charlotte is teaching she uses creative techniques that often make children want to learn more, increase their levels of focus, and most importantly help them express themselves. As an auntie of four nieces, Charlotte understands the importance of imagination and animation when it comes to children.

Charlotte Panteli

Musical Theatre Teacher


 Mimi is currently studying English Language and Linguistics at the University of Sussex whilst hoping to become a children’s speech therapist, but she also has an enthusiastic passion for musical theatre. Throughout attending a drama club for 12 years, she earned distinctions in grades 1-5 in LAMDA awards and in her Bronze and Gold and loves to perform. Mimi has taught and choreographed dances for the younger groups at her club and has assisted teaching at annual workshops.

Mimi Harris

Dance Coach


Lauren is a street-dancer from Brighton who is wanting to study sport science at University. Lauren has experience training in football, dance and gymnastics. She has been dancing since she was 7 years old and has won many titles nationally and internationally. She competed at the world championships of dance in 2019 and came 3rd. She coached classes for her dance company for a couple of years and has now moved over to B.A.

Lauren Wood

Sports Coach


Harvey is passionate about sports and is studying Sports Science as one of his A level subjects at BHASVIC college. He has previously coached young children at Newhaven football club as a volunteer.

Harvey Jones
Kamila Willcock - Headshot.jpg

Musical Theatre Teacher


Kamila has 9 years of experience as a professional in the performing arts industry as well as over 7 years experience working directly with children at camps and educational institutions. Kamila's dedication to the performing arts industry is shown by her hugely successful time at the Maska Theatre, where she was awarded the prestigious annual award - The Speaker of the County Award for Arts, Promulgate Culture and Protection of National Inheritance.

Kamila Willcock
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Sports Coach


 Rosa is  currently studying at the University of Sussex. She is a Level 1 Qualified Tennis Coach and has taught kids at St Ann's Tennis club. Rosa is passionate about sports, from tennis to horse riding and sailing, and her love for sports has led her to compete internationally in places such as Trinidad, Martinique and Wales. 

Rosa Robbins
IMG_5175 (1).jpg

Sports Coach


Ella was a sports leader for 2 years. She has taken part in numerous sporting events such
as helping out at a primary school competition event at BACA, and she also volunteered to
help at Aldrington primary school helping them at the netball club. Throughout this time, Mr
Whittington has been very helpful coaching her in order to be a good sports leader. Ella also
helped children at her school doing sporting activities in younger years. She does GCSE PE
and netball club which gives her an insight into more sports which will be helpful when
helping primary school children in multi sports.

Ella Deeks
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Sports Coach


James is currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at BHASVIC.

He plays Basketball for Horsham Hawkes and is an assistant coach for the U12 team at Brighton Cougars.

James Gregory-Pascoe

Sports Coach


Tia is a very dedicated and hard working person , she has been a sports leader for 2 years in secondary school , helping with sports days and cross countries. She has also helped out teaching younger students at the dance schools she has attended and also currently working at THBaker jewellers in Brighton on weekends.

Tia Barker


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Spanish & French Teacher

Hyaat has very good knowledge of French and Spanish, after completing her BA (Hons) in both languages, where she achieved a distinction in spoken French. Visiting her French and Spanish family around the world thoroughly helps Hyaat to progress her  skills further. Hyaats other passion has always involved working with children and all her previous jobs have been in nurseries and primary school settings. 

Hyaat Halwani

Sports Coach


Andrew has extensice experience within sports coaching through his 7 years volunteering with his local grassroots club Flixton Juniors AFC, Everton in the community and has volunteered in 4 different primary schools and two secondary schools. 

Andrew Lowe