Continuing, Professional  Development

CPD is another option we offer at B.A acadamy, this is providing teachers with the training to teach either Sports, Musical theatre, or dance within the school day . We know each school have different budgets and different schedules and at B.A Academy we want to help schools offer a wide of range opportunities to support the local community  this means we can  customise plan around your schedule to suit your needs.


By introducing extra training to your existing staff this can improve not only the quality of the school but also the education for the children. CPD removes the time and effort that recrutiing an external staff meber can take up, and instead builds a stronger well rounded family of teachers wigthin your school.


CPD can be done in a few simple  steps :


1.Identify development needs

2.Currating  tailored plan with one of our specilised coaches

3.Carrying Out the development activities

4.Watch the benefits of your highly trained teachers and the benefits of the children with there new range of fun lessons and activities


We are very flexible at B.A Academy and we can work around your  busy schedule to introduce the training without effecting your daily routine.

At B.A Acadamy we know the importance of education and teachers in our communities so we began our B.A Acadmy PPA cover scheme.

Integrating a diverse and fun enritchement class  in the school day will encourage kids to be more motivated and energised and break up the day to keep focus.

Adding an extra curriculam sessions  We  aim to relieve some of the existing workload pressures on teachers. PPA cover gives teachers the oppertunity to have A lesson free to plan to Plan, Prepare and assess, while we cover the class with a fun educational extra curricular activity.

Having a class covered by our PPA Scheme give your teachers the oppertunity to:

- Mark papers

- Plan lessons

- Organise class activities

- Plan assessments

We Come into your school depending on ur schedule and requirements and will tailor a specialised plan .We can cater to your required age group and class size to ensure a personalised educational lesson.  We will harmonise with your school curiculam and routine, and our proffetional  Coaches/ Teachers  will be part of your team of staff seamlessly 

Whats diffrent about our PPA cover is we Have a variety of specialised extra curricular activities wich can bechoos en to suit you schedule, here are our most populasr PPA Cover activities.

Planning, Preparation and Assessment